inset_mediumshipA working medium is basically someone who communicates with spirit from the spirit world, the afterlife in other words. The job of a medium is mainly to deliver messages from past loved ones to the person who is having the reading, or it can also be close friend who is past and sending the message, also sometimes the message may not be for the individual who’s hearing the message but someone else who that person may know.

In order for the medium to help make the person who’s receiving the reading to understand and trust what’s been given, the medium would use what we call a memory link. What we mean by this is by talking about a memory given by the past loved one to the person through the medium to show who has came forward from the spirit world to communicate, for example someone’s past uncle or grandfather may have had a certain type of habit, a certain type of coat or what they use to do with the person when the spirit was living for example if was a father and son communication and they use to go to watch football matches together, so situations like that are what are used as evidence.

It is also advised before a person who is seeing a medium should think of the questions they want answering and who they wish to come through a few days before the reading. However we can not guarantee that who the person wishes to hear from will come through or what they are asking for, it is always the most urgently required information and advice that will be delivered.