inset_readingsReadings can be offered in many forms to suit whatever makes you most comfortable. Types of readings include private readings, group readings, phone readings and skype readings.

Private Reading
Private reading this is where its only me and the sitter in the room where i get your loved ones to come close to me and give u messages from the spirit world they will talk about life in the past with you and things that are going on with you and your loved ones on the earth today, i dont do more than 4 in one evening, and this will be done in the comfort of your own home, if its for just one person then you have to come to me in the daytime.

Group Reading
This is where you have 10 or more people in one room together and i will pick out the person that will get the message from their loved ones in the spirit world, i do try to do everyone but i can not promise everyone will get a reading, for the group one you get it a little cheaper than a privatre reading but you have to have 10 at least and its all done in the comfort of your own home with your friends for a good night.